Paragliding. Dawn of chaos.

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Hello dear Friends.

Today we will talk about the most highly developing business in Georgia, Tbilisi and Gudauri.


In this territory 7-8 years ago there was no paragliding.

The first companies to organize paragliding in Gudauri were immigrants from Ukraine and Switzerland, brothers:

Mykhailiuta Dmytro
Mykhailiuta Anatolii.

The first years of their work yielded minimal results due to the lack of any information about this new sport. But gradually more and more new workers were invited, the profitability of this business was explained, and some later became competitors to the brothers.

After some time, a lot of video recordings of the flights of the Mykhailiuta brothers appeared on the Internet.

The first sites of their companies and their satellite companies appeared.

To date, the best paragliding sites in Georgia include:

in addition to company websites, the first International Paragliding Federation of Georgia was formed. The President of the Federation is Anatolii Mykhailiuta. The Federation has more than 3 dozen members and more than 10 pilots. Today it is the only bastion of professional activity among international pilots in this territory.

Gudauri police monitors the licensing of pilots and does not allow self-taught flights.

Soon Federation databases and a site for registering new members were created.

Subsequently, the best pilots are invited to register flights through this web resource.

The company values ​​its name and in return receives many positive reviews in the TripAdvisor.

After 4 years, the first paragliding Hostel opens for guests and pilots of the company.

Registration of arrivals and departures is carried out online on the resource:

In 2018, the first local pilots appear, someone is studying himself, someone is helping.

Police allow self-taught pilots to fly, as the local population is often in kinship with the police.

The first incidents were not long in coming:

The number of local pilots has grown to 80 people. There were daily fractures of the arms, legs and back. The local salary often does not exceed 500 GEL per month, and here 2 flights cost 600 GEL. This is a big business and thanks to the inaction of the authorities, the business has become bloody. There is no police control despite death and many bone fractures of clients.

The Mykhailiuta brothers continue safe flights, but 2 pilots cannot fly everyone and naturally many get to local self-taught, and as a result to a hospital or morgue. The cruel truth is connected with big money and bribes. Everyone knows everything and nobody wants to change anything.

Address to clients and guests of Gudauri:

Dear guests, such frauds exist in many, if not all countries of the world. We strongly recommend that you do not contact local companies in any country, since no one controls them often. If you want quality, read the reviews in the triadvisor, study insurance and pilot licenses, talk with representatives of the Federations. Your life and safety are in your hands.

Sincerely, Gudauri International Edition.

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