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Paragliding. Dawn of chaos.

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Hello dear Friends. Today we will talk about the most highly developing business in Georgia, Tbilisi and Gudauri. Paragliding. In this territory 7-8 years ago there was no paragliding. The first companies to organize paragliding in Gudauri were immigrants from Ukraine and Switzerland, brothers: Mykhailiuta DmytroMykhailiuta Anatolii. The first years of their work yielded minimal results due to the lack… Read more »

Gudauri gangs beat up competitors

Hello, dear friends! We should have written long ago about the lawlessness in Georgia, Gudauri … Since February 2014, at a resort of international importance “Gudauri”, the company “Atlantis” officially develops paragliding. The company organizes commercial flights on a paraglider with qualified instructors-experts of paragliding sports. Pilots of Atlantida have licenses confirming their high level of qualification in the territory… Read more »


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How to become a member of the Federation? Goals and objectives of the Federation: The Federation uses the following methods in its activity: Rights and obligations of founders / members: Valid pilot certificates: GEORGIAN AIR LAWS: – Об управлении сферой транспорта и ее регулировании – air Code of Georgia (RUS) Chairman of the Board: Mykhailiyuta Anatolii          … Read more »

The criminal case against Irakli Kapanadze.

A few days ago, Irakli Kapanadze, being the head of the public organization paragliding Georgia, attacked and beat up the president of the International Federation of paragliding – Mykhailiuta Anatoly. Irakli did not comment on his actions, refusing to greet any member of the Federation. Of the threats, Irakli stressed that he will not allow us to officially work in… Read more »