following methods

– publication of scientific, educational and sports literature on paragliding;
– development of the material and technical base of the Federation;
– training members of the Federation in flying on hang gliders and paragliders;
– assistance in organizing training for pilots of hang gliders and paragliders that are not members of the Federation;
– development and improvement of training and flight procedures aimed at increasing the level of safety and effectiveness;
– organizing, conducting and participating in training camps and competitions in hang gliding and paragliding;
– develops and approves within the Federation the rules (regulations) of paragliding and hang gliding competitions and monitors their observance;
– holding exhibitions, sports and recreational, entertainment and sports and other events (including those with the participation of foreign partners) that are related to paragliding or hang gliding;
– Creation of favorable conditions for disclosing the physical and creative abilities of paragliders and hang gliders – members of the Federation, to improve their skill level;
– Promotion of a healthy lifestyle, active recreation through paragliding and hang-gliding;
– in the manner established by law, creates and participates in the organization of paragliding clubs, sections and schools for training paraglider pilots;
– participation in the organization and holding of exhibitions, promotions, sports events and other entertainment events;
– organization of business trips and internships for members of the Federation in related foreign public organizations;
– in accordance with the procedure established by law, determines and registers the airfields, organizes paragliding fees and competitions;
– interaction with state bodies, organizations, public associations, as well as with other legal and physical persons on the development of paragliding;
– the establishment of its own media and the implementation of publishing activities in accordance with the procedure established by law;
– use of the state mass media in accordance with the procedure established by law;
– implementation of other activities not prohibited by the legislation of Georgia, including entrepreneurial activities aimed at achieving the statutory goals and objectives of the Federation and corresponding to these goals.